As part of our complete door-to-door services, we offer warehousing for all types of cargo. For each shipment, we will find a suitable and reliable solution.

Benefit from our local knowledge about available warehousing and transloading facilities anywhere in the world. Because of our local presence, we have indepth data on available warehouses. We keep data on capacity, safety, security, (un)loading materials, costs and special characteristics like proper cold storage, moisture-resistance, dangerous goods facilities, etc. We have warehousing available for your cargo, even at very short notice. And our e-services enable you to continuously see where your cargo is.

Storage and transloading

As part of our storage and transloading services, you can benefit from extra services such as:


  • Line item checking
  • Packaging inspections
  • Packing or repacking for export
  • Consolidation
  • Quality control