With our warehouses Share Logistics has capacity at strategic locations in both Europe, USA and Latin America. For each shipment, we have a suitable and reliable solution. We offer warehousing and transloading facilities for all types of cargo. Next to our own warehouses we have alliances with warehouses anywhere in the world.

Our customs bonded warehouses enjoy a fast green line in border crossing and a reduction in inspections. We have warehousing capacity ready-available for your cargo, even at very short notice. Our e-services enable you to continuously see where your cargo is and offers direct data on capacity, safety, security, (un)loading materials, costs and special characteristics like proper cold storage, moisture-resistance, dangerous goods facilities, etc.

  • AEO certified
  • Transit, export and import documentation
  • Connected with customs systems
  • ATR and CARNET handling

Our warehouses

  • Licensed for bonded cargo
  • GDP certified staff and systems
  • HACCP, ISO 9001, SKAL, SQAS, GMP, ADR/PGS 15 compliant
  • WMS logistical software and customised solutions
  • Real-time inventory solutions
  • State-of-art security


We're your single-source solution for handling, moving and storing your cargo by the most efficient and secure means.

Share Logistics has it's own fleet of (cooled) vans and trucks for smooth pick-ups and delivery’s. We organise ocean freight, airfreight, project cargo, customs consultancy, fiscal representation, multimodal transport, 4th-party logistics and cargo insurance services.


  • Full logistics services
  • Order picking
  • (Re)-packing
  • Line item checking

We are experts in the handling, transportation, distribution and storage of perishable and temperature sensitive goods. Our specialists have extensive knowledge in the handling of fresh, frozen or conditioned perishables by sea, air or road for fruits, vegetables, cuttings, flowers and plants, seafood, meats as well as dry and canned foods. We are up to date with all the phytosanitary and veterinary inspection requirements as well as all the HACCP ISPS regulations, to make sure your cargo is in compliance with all the regulations, both at its origin and destination.

Strategic alliances

We are part of major alliances for the Cold Chain warehousing and distribution. Share Logistics is member of the X2 Logistics Networks, the Cold Chain Connect global perishable cargo alliance and WCA Perishables (formerly PLA).

  • Reefer storage
  • Fresh storage (+2º to +16º)
  • Frozen storage (0º to -24º)

Our Pharma Logistics division complies with the standard for Good Distribution Practice as established by the EU. We maintain high hygiene standards for our GDP/GSP trained staff and partners. We secure our pharma logistics quality with regular internal audits of our personnel and external audits of our suppliers. Our Innovative qualified packaging systems and temperature controlled containers and also our active and passive packing material meet the unique and demanding GDP/GDS challenges of the life science industry.

WCA Pharma network

We are part of the world’s leading pharmaceutical logistics network. The WCA Pharma network is the only fully validated pharmaceutical and life sciences network, offering the only fully GDP-trained and GDP-certified pharmaceutical and life sciences network and very strict criteria for membership.

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