Welcome to the Brand Identity Guide

This Guide will help you migrate your brand, so that we can build a recognizable and strong brand for the Share Logistics Family.

In the index on the right, you'll find an overview of the topics included in this guide. Click on a topic, to navigate directly to the information you need.

If you have any questions, please contact: marcom@sharelogistics.com

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Who we are. Our family values.

A brand is nothing without a story. We should be consistent in our storytelling. By constantly repeating our story, it will be recognized and shared by our clients.

We're global and local

We're a family-owned logistics partner with offices around the world. Through our local expertise on a worldwide scale, we can offer our clients the flexibility and options they need. We love being challenged to find alternative solutions.

We're professional and yet still personal

We enjoy our work because of our personal involvement with our clients and their cargo. Our shared volumes allow us to offer attractive rates combined with a customized service.

We move the ordinary and the extraordinary

We have specialists for many standard and niche markets. With their knowledge and local expertise, they move your cargo in the most efficient and secure way.

What customers can expect from us:

  • Genuine, personal attention and 24/7 availability
  • Strong focus on compliance with local requirements
  • Logistics tailored to their needs
  • Smart alternatives
  • Competitive rates
  • Customized IT reporting

Expect more for your global cargo.

Our strongest reference is our track record. It proves our knowledge of different standards and markets.

  • By making family achievements visible, we all benefit
  • We benefit from each other's successes
  • We need to emphasize our scale and number of offices
  • They show we can offer global logistic programs, with knowledge of local markets
  • We need to emphasize our strong belief in personal service
  • Although this is harder to prove, we need this aspect of our story to be repeated by our clients
  • We want them to share this message with potential clients

We want our clients to know about all our services.

This can be achieved by sharing our successes (cases) in our communications to our clients. For this we need to:

  • Centralize client contact information
  • Collect our best cases and share them in a consistent way, to ensure they communicate our core values every time

Have you achieved something great or interesting? Share it! We can use these cases in our mailings to your clients and ours. This needs constant attention. Make it a recurrent item in your busy schedule, so it stays top-of-mind!

In 3 steps, you can migrate into our global family:

Step 1: Announcement to your customers
Step 2: Rebranding your identity + 2nd announcement to your customers
Step 3: Renaming to Share Logistics

Step 1: Announcement to your customers

It is important to inform your customers about the Share Logistics Family. It's also important to reassure them they can continue to count on your service and expertise, and that these will only get better under Share Logistics. To inform them we need to:

  • Add the brand Add-on to your identity
    • Add the brand Add-on "A member of the Share Logistics Family" to your identity items wherever possible. For example, your stationery, emails, signatures etc. However, we suggest you don't change items that will incur significant costs. We will address those items in the next phase of the transition. Instructions on how to use the brand bar add-on are described here.
  • Update your website with the brand bar
    Your webmaster can implement this for you.

    • If you don't currently have a website or it's outdated, you can redirect your internet domain to your section (with your old or new logo) on our site. Please take a look at this section.
  • Send an email and letter to your customers on your current stationery with the brand bar
    • Send the announcement by email and by mail.
      Note that these days, a letter gets more attention than an email. Sending the letter by both email and mail can increase the response. We've prepared a text for you in English. If you normally communicate in a language other than English, please translate the text. Click here to download the first announcement and incorporate the brand bar supplied in this file. Instructions on how to use the brand Add-on are described here.

Step 2: Rebranding + 2nd announcement to your customers

After the first announcement, the rebranding can start. Draw up a timetable for this. This doesn't need to happen all at once, but the complete rebranding process should take place in no more than one month. This means that certain changes need to be prepared. Check the list of applications in this Guide.

To get customers accustomed to the new branding, it's possible to start with a soft landing. We've created a separate landing page for each family member. You'll find this on www.sharelogistics.com/family You can redirect your url to this page. Here, we explain that your company is now part of the Share Logistics Family. From this page, visitors can navigate through the Share Logistics website for all the information they need.

In your logo, you should also add that you are now part of the Share Logistics Family (also see 'Brandmark' in this Guide).

Once this is in place, you can send the second announcement to your customers. Click here to download it. Please translate this, if necessary and, again, you may want to consider sending it both by email and mail, to reach your customers.

Step 3: Rename

Finally, you can convert completely to the Share Logistics brand. We'll update you about this later.

The brand Add-on is used as a temporary phase during the transition of your new logo with the text "Part of the Share Logistics Family", to allow your clients to get used to your new identity. We use the word "family" consciously, to emphasize our personal approach, our friendly organization and our shared values. More importantly, because we want to tell our clients that our other family members are also beneficial to them.

Using the brand Add-on

Place these on your communication items, but not on your website (we have brand topbar for that). If you all-ready changed your logo to a Share Logistics style please skip this step and update your logo with your new version in this manual.


  • Preferably place the brand Add-on at the bottom of your message, on the left-hand-side
  • Don't make it too big, stick to the size given in the EPS formats
  • Respect the space around the brand Add-on and the color usage, which is the same as for the brandmark
  • Don't mix this element directly with your logo. For now, your own identity is leading. We'll migrate the brand Add-on with your new logo in the next phase

You can download the brand Add-on elements here

Using the brand Add-on in your website

The brand Add-on is a small bar on the top of your website to indicate you're part of the Share Logistics Family. To implement this topbar, simply ask your site administrator or website developer to add this code in your head tag. If you're running WordPress, simply add a header script plugin like HFCM to your site and add that code to that plugin.

<script src="https://www.sharelogistics.com/js/topbar.js" top="0" mobile-top="0" id="ShareLogisticsBanner"></script>

When appearance is strange we can move the position by editing the value 'top' and 'mobile' (in pixels).

That's all there is to it!


For the transition phase, each company will use their brand name with the Share Logistics brandmark and the brand Add-on "Part of the Share Logistics Family". We want this to be instantly recognizable, so consistency is important. Please don’t edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure the brand Add-on.

All our logos can be downloaded here

  • Respect the white space around the logo incorporated in the files.
    This is defined by the size of the brandmark
  • Size: Don't make the logo smaller than a height of 30 pixels or 5mm.

Quality marks

Note: There's also a file with our certification and quality marks. Please use these. If your version isn't there, send a request to marcom@sharelogistics.com, so we can make one for you, and make it available for everyone to use.


Please use our full-color logo on white wherever possible. Our background color may change in special circumstances to our beige, yellow or black corporate colors, but keep the wordmark in white or black.


R=15 G=254 B=80
C=0 M=5 Y=85 K=0
PMS 109C


HEX #000000
R=0 G=0 B=0
C=70 M=50= Y=30 K=100


HEX #224099
R=34 G=64 B=153
C=100 M=80 Y=0 K=0
PMS Blue 072

Dark Yellow (Brandmark only)

HEX #B6A932
R=182 G=169 B=50
C=30 M=30 Y=100 K=0
PMS 110C

Red (Brandmark only)

R=255 G=0 B=31
C=0 M=100 Y=100 K=0
PMS 185C


HEX #e4e2da
C=10 M=10 Y=15 K=0
R=288 G=226 B=218

Yellow 50%

HEX #fff397
R=255 G=243 B=151
C=0 M=2,5 Y=42,5 K=0

Blue 50%

HEX #8796c8
R=135 G=150 B=100
C=50 M=40 Y=0 K=0

Beige 50%

HEX #f1f0ec
C=5 M=5 Y=7,5 K=0
R=241 G=240 B=236

Core colors

Our main colors are yellow, blue and black. We never use red in our identity except for our brandmark.

Support colors

We prefer a white or yellow background but can use a beige color to emphasize an area. For complex graphics, a lighter version of our blue is used.

We use Calibri Light for our office communications

In all our office communications, such as Word or Powerpoint, emails and letters, we use the free Calibri font.

  • Titles are in Calibri Light size 24pt / line height 32pt
  • Headings are in Calibri Light and intros are size 14pt / line height 15pt
  • Body text is in Calibri Light size 10pt / line height 12pt
  • Footers are in Calibri Light size 9pt / line height 12pt

Aaux Next for professional productions

In our professional productions like brochures, websites and business cards we use the Aaux Next Family. This font is available through Typekit in de Adobe® Suites or can be purchased online.

Colors and fonts

Only use the color combinations shown above.

The image bank can be found here.  These images are royalty free and can be used in presentations. If you're looking for something special, such as a high-resolution version for professional productions, or if you have an image to share, as part of a case, for example, contact marcom@sharelogistics.com

Email signatures

Our email signatures can be installed by our IT department, or you can install them yourself. During the transition phase, an email signature is available for each company. In order to protect ourselves against logistics risks, we're centralizing the email signature. All signatures will direct the reader to the relevant legal pages on our website, where we can easily update:

  • Legal disclaimers for emails
  • Shipping conditions
  • We can use this to direct our customers to their local office

You can also find this information in the footer on this website.

It's important that you do not change the structure or content of the signature. If you need different quality labels in your company signature, we can adjust it for you before it's installed. Please send your request to marcom@sharelogistics.com

Click here to create your signature(s)


Templates can be installed by yourself or centrally by your IT department. During the transition phase, a template is available for each company.

Do not change the structure or content of the signature or template.

If you need different quality labels in your company signature, for example, or use a different paper size, we can adjust the template for you before it's installed. Please send details of what you need to marcom@sharelogistics.com

You'll find the Word template here

We've created templates that can be used by all of our companies based on the concept "Part of the Shared Logistics Family". The template can be installed by yourself or centrally by your IT department. During the transition phase, you can adjust the template to your brand.

The templates can be found here

Business cards

We can produce your business cards and ship them to you.

When you order a business card, a PDF sample will be sent for approval to the email address you give on the form. This does not need to be the same as on the business card.

Business cards can be ordered here


We have brochures available that can be viewed here. If you want to order any of these brochures, or would like a brochure with your brand and address, please send your request to marcom@sharelogistics.com. If you want to develop a new brochure, or need a brochure designing, please let us know. We'll be happy to help you.

Note: Please do not send these brochures digitally to your clients. They've been designed to be printed.

Please ask us if you need an advertisement. We can tailor them to your needs and specifications, with your logo and address. Send details of what you need to marcom@sharelogistics.com

Envelopes and Letterheaded paper for your company can be ordered through marcom@sharelogstics.com. Since there are many sizes used around the world, please specify exactly what type/size you need.

We'll add our available sizes here as our selection grows.

Sizes currently available are:

  • A4 letterheaded paper
  • C5 envelope (Europe) with a left-hand window

Our Shared Logistics logo has the qualities of a maritime flag. We will exploit this aspect. We're currently developing flags and a signage program. We have generic items without a brand name. Signage is mostly for people who know us and want to find us. This means we can use these items from Phase 2.

In the meantime, some items in your office will need a company name. To avoid unnecessary costs, we suggest changing these items after Phase 3: Renaming.

If you need advice or would like to order flags, contact marcom@sharelogstics.com


Let’s discuss how we want to present ourselves at each event.

To discuss your ideas, please contact marcom@sharelogistics.com

Our incentives line will be purchased centrally, to get better prices. We're currently developing our incentives line with production agencies. It does not include a brand name, only our payoff, so we can use the items for all our companies.

Our basic incentives program is yellow:

  • This is distinctive for our brand
  • It's very attractive to Asian clients
  • It's sportive and energetic - like us!

Our high-end line is based on the Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan.

Piet Mondriaan was a world-renowned Dutch painter. He creates a link to our Dutch roots and is more sophisticated than the wooden shoes, cheese or syrup waffles normally associated with the Netherlands.

Piet Mondriaan was part of the "De Stijl" art movement that advocated pure abstraction and universality by reducing images to the essentials. The cubism, use of color and minimalism are distinctive for our identity and logo.