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This guideline will help you to migrate your brand in order to build a recognizable and strong brand of the Share Logistics family.

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To make a strong brand, that is recognised all over the world, it is important to tell our story. It is how we tell our brand story and we should be consistent in our storytelling. It should resonate, it is our mantra that we keep telling our clients we have and our new clients we find.

The main focus of our approach:

  • Professional but personal
    We are men not machines. We enjoy our work. We are fun to work with, but mostly a pleasure to work with. With designated representatives for each client we offer our clients a more customized service than the larger multinational players.
  • How do we use this? In our work and our communications we offer personal attention and flexibility when it comes to our clients challenges. With showcases we can illustrate how we work.
  • We are global family of local forwarders
    Our network of offices around the world gives our clients local expertise on a worldwide scale. With our independent position and local presence we offer our clients the flexibility and speed they need.
  • How do we use this? By showcasing each other and our network of independent offices and local expertise, we show our clients we can offer independent global logistic programs with the integration of local markets.
  • Logistic specialists for every business
    We move the ordinary and the extraordinary for every business and industry. Because of our strong involvement and consideration of local cultural and legal particularities we can find the better alternative solutions, anywhere, anyhow.
  • How do we use this? Communicating our expertise is a strong way to showcase our know-how and market knowledge. By showing our special cargo markets we show we can handle these challenges and proof we can surely handle the ordinary.

Client perspective. What is in it for them? Access!

Everything you should expect from your professional forwarder, but nothing like you experienced before.

Share Logistics is a family of forwarders worldwide. Benefit from our customized service and personal attention. Utilize our global knowledge with local expertise that can offer that alternative solution.

  • True personal attention and 24/7 availability
  • Highly focused on compliance with local requirements
  • Logistics tailored to your needs and smart alternatives
  • IT reporting tailored to your needs

How do we use this? This is our story and how we tell it in text. By addressing their benefits (instead of telling how great we are) we can open new (niche) markets and find new clients. If we talk from the clients’ perspective and we can proof it with our showcases, we build a strong communication.

By show-casing our family we are promoting ourselves.

>We share our successes

We share our stories with each other to reach more clients. By sharing we learn from each other and we get the know one-another. Because when we share, we share the same values. Therefore we:

  • Share client networks (for communication)
  • Share our cases to all our clients

We want our business to grow and strengthen. This can be achieved by sharing our successes (cases) in our communications with our clients. For this we need to:

How to manage this?

  • Migrate our clients database within the same central communications CRM network.
  • Share our cases with each others’ clients. Did you achieve something great? Let us know.  We can use these cases (anonymised of clients’ name) in smart mailings to your and our clients.
  • Make this a recurrent item in your (busy) schedule to think about appropriate cases so it will not fade! Challenge your team to help you, take pictures etc.

In three steps you can migrate to our global family:

Step 1: Announcement to your customers
Step 2: Rebranding your identity + 2nd announcement to your customers
Step 3: Renaming to Share Logistics

Step 1: Announcement to your customers

It is important your customers get informed about your membership of the Share Logistics family. It is also important to reassure that they can still count on your service and it only can get better. Click here to download the first announcement.

If you normally communicate in another language than English, please translate the text. Send the announcement by email and by mail and incorporate the add-on. Please note that a nowadays, a letter gets more attention that an email. Sending the letter both by email and mail, can increase the respons.

Step 2: Rebranding + 2nd announcement to your customers

After the announcement, the rebranding can start. Make a planning to do this. It is not necessary to do everything in one big bang, but the total rebranding should take place in no more than one month. This means that certain changes need to be prepared (also check the list of applications in this guideline).

To get customers accustomed to the new branding, it is possible to start with a soft landing. For every family member, we created a landing page. You can find it in the menu 'family'. You can redirect your url to this page. On this page, it is explained that your company is now part of the Share Logistics family. From this page, they can navigate through the Share Logistics website for all information they need.

In your logo, you also add that you are part of the Share Logistics family (also see 'brandmark' in this guideline).

After this is in place, you can send the second announcement to your customer. Click here to download it. Please translate it if needed and, again, you may consider sending it both by email and mail to reach your customers.

Step 3: Rename

At a later stage, you can completely convert to the Share Logistics brand. We will update you about this.

We want to proudly tell that you became part of a family of likeminded people. The Add-on is used as a temporarily phase during the transition of your new logo with the 'Part of the Share Logistics Family'.

We use the word family consciously to emphasize our personal approach, our friendly organization and our shared network. More important we want to tell them that this family is beneficial for them. We want clients to grow accustomed with our shared values and your identity so they can easily recognize you and your family members.


You can place these on you communication items, but not on your website (we have another solution for that).

  • Preferably you place the add-on after your message at the bottom of your page on the left-side.
  • The space around the Add-on and the colour usage is the same as those of the brandmark.
  • Do not mix this element directly with your logo.
  • If you all-ready changed your logo to a Share Logistics style please skip this step and update your logo with the new version in this manual

You can download the Add-on's here


For the transition phase, each company has their brandname with the Share Logistics Brand mark and the add-on 'part of the Share Logistics Family'. We want it to be instantly recognizable, so consistency is important—please don’t edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure it.

All our logos can be downloaded here

Please note there is also a folder with our certification and quality marks. Please use these. If your version is not there please send a request to marcom@sharelogistics.com so we can make one for you.

Usage: White space

Respect the white space around the logo incorporated in the files. This is defined by the size of the brandmark

Usage: Size

Do not make the logo smaller than a hight of 30 pixels or 5 mm.


Please use our full-color logo on white most of the time. Our background colour may change in special circumstances to our beige, yellow or black corporate colours, but keep the wordmark in white or black.

Core Colours

Our main colours are yellow, blue and black. We never use red in our identity except for our brand mark.

Support Colours

We prefer a white or yellow background but can use a beige colour to emphasis an area. For complex graphics a lighter version of our blue is used.

Calibri for office communications

In all our office communications like Word or Powerpoint, e-mails and letters we use the free Calibri font.

  • Titles are size 24pt / line-height 32pt
  • Headings and intro's are size 14pt / line-height 15pt
  • Body are size 10pt / line-height 12pt
  • Footers are size 9pt / line-height 12pt

Aaux Next for professional productions

In our professional productions like brochures, websites and business cards we use the Aaux Next Family. This font is available through Typekit in de Adobe® Suites or can be purchased online.

Colours and fonts

Only used the color combinations as shown above.

The imagebank can be found here.  These images are royalty free ands can be used in presentations.

  • If your looking for something else or a high resolution version for professional productions?
  • Do you have a image to share? For example a case? Please send them

Please contact marcom@sharelogistics.com

E-mail signatures

Our e-mail signatures can be installed by yourself or (centrally) by your IT department. During transitions phase a email signature is available for each company.

Please do not change the structure or contents. If you need different quality labels in your company signature we can adjust the signature for you before installation. Please contact marcom@sharelogistics.com

The signatures and instructions how to instal these can be dowloaded here.


Our e-mail signatures can be installed by yourself or (centrally) by your IT department. During transitions phase a email signature is available for each company.

Please do not change the structure or contents. If you need different quality labels in your company signature we can adjust the signature for you before installation. Please contact marcom@sharelogistics.com

The template can be found here

Business Cards

Business Cards can be ordered here. When you order a business card a PDF sample will be sended to your e-mail address for approval. They will be sended to the address on your card

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We have brochures ready available that can be viewed here. If you want to order brochures or order a brochure with your brand and address please send an e-mail to marcom@sharelogistics.com.

If you want to develop a new brochure or need a brochure please know and let us help you.

PS. Please do not distribute these brochures digitally to your clients. These are meant for printing.

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