Get your frozen product to your market in the fastest way possible, without risk of quality loss during transport.

Don't let your valuable goods sit idle because of issues with compliance or logistics. Our dedicated reefer team will help you avoid delays and extra costs. Benefit from our knowledge of product-specific transport demands, documents and certificates. Our experts will make sure you are informed about import/export restrictions at origin and destination and that your shipment is in compliance with all regulations.

Whether you are looking to move perishable goods, frozen fish or meat, pharmaceuticals or any other goods that needs sophisticated temperature protection, you can rely on our experience. Get expert support for phytosanitary inspection requirements and HACCP ISPS regulation. Through our extensive network, you will enjoy additional capacity on trucks, equipment and reefer warehousing. Our e-services allow you to stay informed 24/7 and have visibility of your cargo through all the different modes of transport.

Case study: lobster liberation


One of our clients had requested ocean shipping for a reefer container from a seller. The container of lobster arrived cost-and-freight (CFR) in Rotterdam, which means the supplier of the goods was responsible for the proper bill of lading (B/L) and health certificates at origin.

Upon arrival, it turned out to be impossible for our client, the buyer, to import the lobster because the seller had failed to follow the correct procedures for inspection at origin. Our client turned to us with considerable urgency. The lobster was meant for a prestigious football tournament in Ukraine, and planning was tight.


The lobster was stored temporarily in a customs cold store while we worked out the quickest solution. And it didn't take us long. We arranged for the cargo to be rerouted by truck to another EU location, and to be inspected there. We also prepared alternative ways of transport to make up for lost time.


The cargo was delivered to the tournament gala dinner in time. Our client was able to deliver to his client as promised, despite the supplier's mistake. The relationship remained good and costly damage was avoided. And, last but not least, the officials at the tournament enjoyed a fantastic lobster for dinner.

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