We are very proud to announce that as of the 1st of February our Share Logistics Headquarters will be relocated to their new offices in Barendrecht (Rotterdam). The new building will increase our efficiency and offer more space to our clients and employees.

The explosive growth of our organisation in the last years demanded more room for personnel and clients. Due to our extended warehousing facilities in the Netherlands and growth in our international offices we now doubled our office space to a 1.500 m2 accommodating roughly a hundred logistical experts. The office is build exclusively for our own use and to our high-standards in security, AEO demands etc. The location is near all Port of Rotterdam facilities, highway and public transport offering a more connected and visitor friendly location to staff and clients.

Our new address from the 1st of February

Bijdorp-Oost 5
2992 LA Barendrecht
The Netherlands