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When planning is tight, you need options, strong communication and comprehensive reporting. Optimize your process and obtain reliable services through Share Logistics. As a registered IATA agent, Share Logistics does not need intermediates. We are ranked among the top 100 airfreight agents and have access to the best rates around. We have volume contracts with a wide portfolio of air cargo carriers on major global routes.

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Increase your efficiency through the scale of our operations worldwide. Whether you require a standard or customized solution, charters or inland transport arrangements, our expertise on local markets, routes and services will help you out. Our team is specialized in finding the fastest solutions in air, train, ocean and inland transport. By selecting the best combination of services and price for your urgent cargo, you can be sure to stay within budget.


Follow your cargo at all times through our online e-services. With our freight-management platform, you will have all the tools you need to inform your customer 24/7. Our e-services include quotations, end-to-end track and trace and filing of documents, emails, invoices and all relevant information per container. Learn more

Case study: getting air freight cargo to market quicker


A new client came to us because his previous forwarder had a long lead time from arrival of the cargo at the airport to delivered duty paid (ddp) at the final address in the USA. The cause: flaws preparation, poor communication and time-zone differences.


We provided an in-depth pre-departure check and verification of all documents, invoices, codes, numbers and details before loading the cargo on the plane. Direct communication between our overseas staff and the client at origin eliminated the long lead times that were due to time-zone loss. A quick release at the destination requires a thorough preparation at departure.


A quick customs clearance in the USA. Our new client saves money by quick market availability and avoided storage costs.