Obtain a significant liquidity advantage by authorizing us as your fiscal representative. We will provide you with tailored VAT solutions for your business demands and obtain deferred payment options for VAT. You will receive the same VAT rights as EU companies. We will take care of VAT payments at the proper moments, including: during storage, after import, export, reversed logistics, and trades between companies in different EU states.

As your fiscal representative Share Logistics will:

  • Register your business for VAT with the tax office and make sure your company is in compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Prepare and process your VAT payments and returns.
  • Appoint us as your fiscal representative and let us show you how much you can save.

Case study: fiscal efficiency for fish


Our client urgently needed to deliver a container of fish he had sold to a trading company in the centre of France.The container originated from the Far East and was routed to arrive in Le Havre. Clearing customs in Le Havre would mean paying VAT at the moment the goods were cleared. We were asked to prepare customs and delivery arrangements to the fish trader.


Because of its deep sea Port, Rotterdam is the first port of call for large container ships from the Far East. To facilitate the urgency of the shipment we rerouted the container to Rotterdam. Thanks to our fiscal representation our client didn't not have to pay VAT at the moment of arrival in Rotterdam, but was able to defer the VAT payment until the cargo reached its final destination.


Thanks to our fiscal representation, the client did not have to pay VAT at the moment of arrival, but was able to defer VAT payment until the moment the cargo reached its final destination. This provided our client with a major cashflow benefit.