Our experts can help you with a flexible, safe and cost-effective approach to your entire logistical process, for both existing and new markets.

A shipment is only successful if the cargo arrives at its final destination on schedule and within budget. Our results-oriented and creative experts can optimize the steps in this process, thanks to their vast knowledge and experience with local circumstances. As 4th-party logistics provider (4PL), we are always looking for smart ways to get the most out of your supply chain.

Smart logistics for new and existing markets

Efficiently unlock new markets. Invest less on people and resources, by using our infrastructure instead. Armed with a global network and in-depth knowledge, our experts will facilitate the most optimal process for you. For existing supply chains, we can identify improvement opportunities, look for simplifications and smarter alternatives.

Additional services

Supply chain support

By mobilizing our extensive network in all strategic regions of the world, we can advise you on what is and is not possible locally, saving you a lot of work and hassle.

Special handling: we can provide qualified personnel for handling your cargo on site. Whether you need goods repacking or inspecting, or even installing, we will provide you with customized programs for all types of cargo.

Reverse logistics: a supply chain works both ways. We can provide you with solutions for returning cargo or example in the case of damage or surplus including applying for and processing tax rebates.

Storage, transloading and checks

  • Line item checking
  • Packaging inspections
  • Packing or repacking for export
  • Consolidation
  • Quality control
  • Reverse logistics
  • Local transport