Optimize your ocean freight shipments through our flexible shipping options.

Find quality solutions for any cargo challenge, no matter where you are, or where you are shipping to. With offices around the globe, Share Logistics provides the scale and network to ship your cargo from any origin, to any destination, within your budget and on your schedule. At Share Logistics, we know what it takes to master the challenges of international shipping. Our experts can offer you advice on route selection, ocean shipping requirements, customs, local circumstances and much more.

You will always know where your full container load (FCL) freight is, thanks to our online e-services. Our competitive rates for all major ocean trade lanes allow you to stay ahead of your competition. Our resourceful ocean freight experts can help solve any shipping problem. They can anticipate fluctuations in the market, and have alternatives at hand.

FCL shipments

Share Logistics is your single-source solution for all your ocean freight needs, providing you with custom ocean freight options though our flexible FCL shipping services. Our volume contracts allow you to benefit from highly competitive prices from reputable shipping lines worldwide. Find the capacity you need on all major ocean trade lanes, even when freight allocation is tight. And avoid delays with our customs and security certified organization (C-TPAT and AEO). Whether you require full containers or consolidated shipments, customized solutions, charter arrangements or cargo insurance, our team will meet your needs.

North Atlantic

Obtain competitive ocean freight rates for all full container loads through our fully Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)-licensed NVOCC. With offices in all major ports on both sides of the Atlantic, we can smoothly ship your FCL cargo to its final destination.

With our online e-services, you can manage every step of the route, with precision and end-to-end visibility during ocean freight, customs brokerage and intercontinental distribution. Avoid inbound delays for your FCL freight on both continents through our C-TPAT- and AEO-certified organization. Our teams on each continent offer you consistent, high-quality 24/7 services.

Our local experts in Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremen, Prague, Le Havre, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, New York, Miami, Houston and Seattle will tailor their logistics services to your exact needs.

Asia, India, South and North America

Turn to one of our global ocean freight experts to help you navigate your full container loads around the world. Find flexible FCL shipping options through our global import, export and cross-trade services. Thanks to our scale of operations, you can enjoy competitive prices and attractive schedules.

With certified offices in Asia, Europe, South America and North America, Share Logistics has the expertise and the scale to offer consistent logistics services at attractive rates. Rely on our local experts to optimize your process and stay in control of all your global shipments through our e-services information system. When ocean shipments alone don't fit your schedule, expedite your global shipments through sea-air-train combinations.

Our strategic operations in Houston, Rotterdam and Rio de Janeiro are specialized in cargo for the oil & gas industry. Our Miami office is the gateway to Cuba, the Caribbean and South America. Are you looking for a complete logistics solution? Add additional services, such as customs clearance, warehousing, reversed logistics and special handling.

Case study: smart solution for an uneven load


A client had asked us to arrange ocean freight for 2 containers; pre-carriage was arranged by the client. Customs clearance and on-carriage was to be arranged by the client's agent at destination in the USA. The two containers were unevenly loaded.

Upon arrival in the USA, our client was informed that inland haulage was not possible as the truck plus the heaviest container would exceed the maximum allowed road weight. Their local agent advised our client to transload and re-divide the cargo over the two containers, which would mean extra terminal time, extra labor and preparing new documents for both containers. In despair, our customer turned to us, as he was facing a deadline with costly penalties and substantial extra costs.


Our local team suggested a very light truck with ultra-light chassis.


Our team sourced the equipment and was able to do the on-carriage the very next day. The total weight of the container and the truck was within legal boundaries. As a result, our client had minimal extra costs and the goods arrived at the destination before the deadline.

Fiscal representation

Optimize your assets and minimize transport costs through our fiscal analysis and cost reduction opportunities.

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File, manage and monitor all shipments in one personalized online environment.

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Geographical expertise

Rely on our expertise about available facilities and local laws and regulations for the optimal shipping of your cargo. Our local teams in our hubs around the world can advise you about the best solutions.

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