Share Logistics was established in 2008. Founded by a team of people with years of experience working together in forwarding, Share Logistics has grown rapidly from 26 people located in Rotterdam, to 250+ experts worldwide.

In addition to our 7 locations in The Netherlands, today Share Logistics has 25+ international offices, with teams throughout Europe, USA, Caribbean, Latin America, alliances in Asia and affiliate networks. From these global hubs, we coordinate the combination of large cargo volumes every day.

The Share Logistics specialists
Share Logistics employees are all specialists. They have years of experience in forwarding, which gives them multifaceted operational expertise. This is an important factor in providing optimal customer support. Our specialists know all the ins and outs of forwarding and which preparations and details are crucial to ensure that shipments arrive on schedule.

International customers
To be able to serve our international customers well, the Share Logistics Rotterdam team consists of 10 nationalities. Our customers appreciate being able to communicate in their own language. This helps avoid misunderstandings and provides clarity for all parties.

Flexible, personal service
Thanks to the expertise and commitment of all our employees, Share Logistics has become a major player in a short period of time. Because of our large volumes and excellent collaboration with renowned carriers, Share Logistics can offer all routes worldwide at competitive rates. All documents for each shipment are accessible at any time.