With our e-platform, you can monitor, manage and file a shipment in your own personalized online environment.

Our systems provide an overview of every shipment, and a file containing emails, shipping documents, correspondence, invoices and track and trace information.

You can see every movement of your cargo at any time. There are no dark spots or surprises. Our in-house IT developers can create individual solutions that facilitate your workflow in every way possible. We'll tailor our solutions to fit with your systems and procedures. Our business is to keep your cargo moving, and data is the cornerstone for achieving this. Whatever your industry, we are always looking for ways to leverage your opportunities and reduce your risk.

Case study: fast, secure, complete


One of our clients lacked the staff and administrative efficiency to manage and monitor their substantial number of containers.


Our custom-built solution for this client offers an immediate overview of the available capacity, rates and timing of all shipping lines for the requested Port of Loading or Discharge. As soon as the client decides to book one of the options, our system makes a file of this booking and traces the shipment end-to-end through all modalities. The system also keeps a secured file, containing all the shipping documents, emails, invoices, correspondence and other details.


Our client has an immediate overview of available shipping options, instead of having to do lengthy research into the possibilities himself. In addition, searching for and maintaining the administrative files is done automatically. This saves money on staffing and organizational overhead.